There are many ways on the Internet showing ways to block Spotify ads. Without premium using VPN, in this article we will show how to block Spotify ads. Without using any VPN.

Before proceeding with this guide. This guide only works on Android and iOS Smartphones.

There are two different files for iOS and Android Smartphones. Android uses APK files known as (the Android package) and IPA is known as (the iOS App Store package).

We will provide you with the modified version of Spotify. Which runs without a Premium subscription or any ads that will Interrupt your music.

How to Block Ads on Spotify Without Premium Account 2022

Download the App According to your smartphone Android or iOS!

Spotify Android Apk

Spotify iOS IPA

After installing the application just open and use the application as a normal Spotify app.

Is this modified Spotify application safe?

Yes, it is completely safe To use modify application which is only provided by GeekAxe.

What is modified within this app?

We have just modified the app which is freely provided by Spotify itself, we have just updated the app without any advertisement code in it.


So you have just read How to Block Ads on Spotify without Premium Account to VPN, just using the application provided by GeekAxe.