The written paper has remained an important element of our daily life. There was a time when most of us used a pen and piece of paper to write down content.

Typewriters were solely used in books, and that was the only place you found them. In most cases, people write letters and fill whole notebooks with text.

One of the most fundamental difficulties facing the current world is the lack of handwritten literature on a variety of topics. In exchange for computer keyboards, we have turned in pen and paper.

It all seems to be quite impersonal, and it appears that it is past time to have a method to bring it back into play. That handwritten material that we all enjoyed reading was a great example.

So, the Text to Handwriting Converter is used to convert computerized text to handwritten easily for any student’s assignments.

What is an Online Text to Handwriting Converter?

An online text-to-handwriting converter is a free online application where you may convert words into handwriting and save them as images or PDF files in a variety of handwritten font kinds, paper sizes, and ink colors.

It has the appearance of actual handwriting on real paper. These types of tools are used to create handwriting photos or papers that seem to be handwritten in real life.

Undoubtedly you can easily choose any font, ink color, and paper type from a dropdown menu, and the handwritten output will be saved in JPEG and PDF formats, respectively.

All font types are suited for the creation of handwritten content, despite the fact that they all have their own unique style. There are three different ink types: black, blue, and red, each of which has both bright and dark variants.

There will be a broad list of options for paper type. Some are traditional paper varieties, such as white paper, straw paper, and horizontal and square lined papers, while others are paper frames with backdrop pictures that have been printed on them.

How Does a Text to Handwriting Converter Work?

This is something that is so easy for everyone that you can utilize it absolutely free of charge. The following steps you have to follow to use these converters.

  • The first thing you have to do is add text for the title and text for the content or page line.
  • You may pick distinct forms of font style.
  • You may set the header handwriting size and the content handwriting size as well.
  • At last, you may pick the color of the pen ink amongst blue, red, and black.

The option of colors is a good addition since it also makes it simpler for you to modify the text. This is always wonderful to have since you won’t need to perform any more modifying of the text using an external editor if you wish to utilize another pen color.

Black, blue, and red are the most popular you will notice in most handwritten material. This is why the software provides such choices. Here we are going to discuss ‘Text Reverse’ as a text-to-handwriting converter thoroughly.

Text Reverse

Text Reverse is an online text-to-handwriting converter that can transform your typed content into the handwritten version shown on genuine paper.

Students can find it difficult to write lengthy projects by hand using a pen and paper at times, but don’t worry. This realistic handwriting generator will rapidly do this task easily.

Text Reverse

The font size and color of the pen Ink are selectable, as well as the font styles, page type, and handwriting style.

You can then input the standard text into the tool to have it transformed into genuine handwritten text form. Once you have finished writing your content, you may save the page as a png image to your computer.

How to Use This Handwriting Generator?

Follow the procedures outlined below to utilize this handwritten generator to transform plain text into handwritten text.

  • To begin, pick a handwriting style from the “select handwriting” dropdown menu.
  • Choose the page type from the dropdown menu under “Select page.”
  • Enter the typeface size for the header.
  • In the text box, enter the size of the principal body text.
  • Select the pen-type or ink color from the “Select Pen Ink color” dropdown menu.

How to Use This Handwriting Generator

  • If you have already typed the content, you may also utilize the “upload file” option to save it.
  • In the “text into header” input box, type the title of your paper or essay.
  • In the “text into page line” text field, type in the main body of your text.

text into page line

  • You may also make changes to the selections at any point throughout the writing process.

While you are writing the text, this tool will automatically transform your plain text into handwritten form according to the parameters and qualities that you have previously defined in the tool.

automatically transform your plain text into handwritten

Silent Features

There are a lot of features in this tool. Some of them have enlisted on the list below.

  • Easy to use

This online converter has an easy-to-use interface for its users, and this software will automatically transform your text into a handwritten format according to the parameters and features you have chosen previously as you type the text.

  • Free to use

A notable aspect of this tool is that it is used completely at no cost. All its features and services are provided at no additional charge.

  • Upload File

If you don’t want to type the text into the text box, you can easily upload a file by selecting the upload file option and have it converted into handwritten forms in a matter of seconds with only a click.

  • Count the number of words

Text to handwriting software also displays the number of words you have typed OR uploaded and assists you in maintaining your word ratio or word count limit.

  • Converting image to PDF

Using the “convert image to pdf” option of this application, you may also turn your image into a pdf document of your choosing.

  • Realistic Paper design

The result of this program appears on a website with a highly realistic paper design, which is shown after the conversion of text into handwriting.

If you show someone the handwritten version of the text after it has been converted, they will not be able to tell that it was created using an online text-to-handwriting converter.

  • Typical paper shadows

The most useful aspect of this software is that the shadow on the paper adds authenticity to the text since it seems as if you took the image after handwriting the text on paper.

  • Printed result

You may also easily print your picture from inside the browser by hitting the “print paper” button, which is one of the many functions of this application.

  • Download Handwritten content

With this tool, you can choose to download your document as an image instead of a PDF.


The utilization of this text in an online handwriting tool is going to be interesting to practice. This is the primary reason why you should take the time to look into it.

It provides you with authentic handwritten results that no one can judge if it is written by someone or software, and also prove to be an excellent method of introducing easy features to students for converting text into handwriting.

The web-based free tool is available to you at any time free, and you may find it to be a useful tool for generating handwriting material. so you have to use this tool to get highly authentic and real results.