About Geek Axe

Geekaxe.com is a passionate technology website by Axe Media aimed to help its viewers to use technology and understand by providing tech news, reviews, How-to Guides, and many more? which is mostly controlled by people who are geeks and passionate about technology and gadgets. Geek Axe even allows other tech lovers across the world to write articles on Geek Axe’s website, and Writers /Authors can earn money from their own affiliate links.

About Axe Media

Axe Media is the perfect digital media company. our motto “let’s create everything from nothing” was founded by Akhilesh Kovangal in 2014 and started by one which is still growing. Axe Media is especially valuable for businesses that don’t have the experience to run a marketing campaign on their own. We offer Hosting, Company/e-commerce Websites, email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing to ensure that their clients’ audience is reached on every level. In addition, We provide copywriting, conversion rate optimization, SEO, and PPC – all of which can help to dramatically grow business when used in combination.