If you’re in the market for a new smartphone that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Motorola G84 5G. This budget-friendly device is turning heads with its impressive lineup of features and wallet-friendly price tag. Let’s dive into what makes this phone a standout choice.

First off, the Motorola G84 5G is a real looker. With its sleek leather design and vibrant pOLED display, it’s sure to turn heads. But it’s not just about looks – this phone has serious staying power. Its battery life is top-notch, ensuring you won’t be left scrambling for a charger halfway through the day.

Performance-wise, the Moto G84 5G holds its own. It handles most tasks with ease, making it a reliable choice for everyday use. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t support 4K video recording and some users have found that charging can be a bit slow. Plus, it only comes with one year of Android updates.

But don’t let these minor drawbacks deter you. The Moto G84 5G is still one of the best smartphones you can get for under Rs 20,000. It’s lightweight and has a premium feel thanks to its vegan leather back. Plus, it’s water-resistant with an IP54 rating.

The display is a 6.5-inch 10-bit pOLED panel with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Under the hood, you’ll find a Snapdragon 695 chip and 12GB of RAM. Plus, you can expand the storage if you need more space.

In conclusion, the Moto G84 5G offers great bang for your buck and is a strong contender in the budget smartphone market. Whether you’re looking for a reliable everyday device or something to handle more demanding tasks, the Moto G84 5G is worth considering.

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