Videos of the early version of the game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) VI appeared on the Web. Videos were posted by the user teapotuberhacker on the portal Gtaforums.

So, on the Internet, there were 90 videos that date from 2021 to September 2022. Note that among them there are those in which the user plays for two characters – a man and a woman. According to the published videos, you can already understand what driving mechanics in the sixth part of the game, the shooting, and the physics of the main characters. It is possible that these elements may be changed.

One of the videos shows the interface of the PlayStation 4 system, but the game, as noted by, is unlikely to be released on this platform. At the same time, the developers of GTA Rockstar Games and the publisher of Take-Two at the moment did not react to the published material. It is expected that the announcement of a new version of the game beloved by gamers may take place before the end of this year, and the release of the application – in 2023.

We add that the published videos confirm the rumors about the addition of a new character to the game – a woman, as previously reported by Bloomberg. In the history of GTA, this happens for the first time. In the new, sixth part, the storyline will be based on the story of the famous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde.

Then the approximate timing of the release of the new game and the details of the plot, the developers did not disclose but announced the release of an updated version of GTA V on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.


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