On the Martian surface, traces of the impact of water on the soil were found. As noted by scientists from china, this indicates the possibility of existence there in the distant past of the ocean. This was reported by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) in a report on the operation of the orbiter and rover of the Chinese probe “Tianwen-1“.

“Chinese researchers conducted a comprehensive study of typical landforms in the landing area, including concave cones, impact craters, and grooves, and identified a significant association between ridge formation and aquatic activity,” the report, which is outlined by Xinhua News Agency, said.

Images from the cameras, coupled with spectral data, allowed scientists to detect aquifers in plate rocks of hard crust near the landing site of the rover. And this is evidence that “already a billion years ago in the landing area there was a lot of water in a liquid state.” New results show that wind and water influenced geological evolution and changed the state of the environment on the Red Planet.

“This strongly supports the hypothesis that the Martian plain of Utopia once had an ocean,” the report said.

Image Credit: Drew Bardana