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Thanks for showing interest in being part of Geek Axe, before diving here is our policies for Authors at Geek Axe.

Author policies at Geek Axe
  • The content which you contribute to Geek Axe should be own written content not Plagiarized and Rewrites with minimum 320 words.
  • Do not use AD short links we recommend only using Affiliated links in the post.
  • No backlinks to any article or without proper content based, within the post which you have contributed. (App links are allowed)
  • Backlink of your root domain is allowed in Author box if you own a website.
  • We like our authors helping our viewers and readers even on social networks so please provide social profile links under author box.
  • The contributed content is reviewed by editor then it will be published on, after publishing the whole rights of the content are owned by Axe Media.
  • Wrong use of Author account may lead to deletion of content and Account.

So that is our policies for an author at

Non-use of account more than 60 days after issuing may lead to deletion of the account.

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