What is Web Designer? Needed Skills and Learning Methods

In this article, I introduce in detail what kind of work is done by a web designer and what kind of skill are necessary. For those who are planning to work at home or who want to change jobs, it would be a good idea to have one as a choice. People who are planning to become a Web designer from now on then this is must-see content for them.

What is Web Designer?

Web designers this word often confused with Web Developers, whereas Web Developers are professional people who write code in PHP, Python and other programming languages for a website at the backend, whereas Web designers give a frontend visual treat for viewers using HTML and CSS.

As a practical way of working,  Web Developers often make coding, but in essence, it is the essence of the web designer to think about the design, that is, what it looks like.

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Work that the Web designer is In-Charge of.

So what kind of work does web designer do specifically? In order to create a website, it is important to have an image of what you want to complete first.

And as a procedure to realize that image, I will start with a concept of the wire frame.

A wireframe is like a skeleton of a website design.

The next step is mock-up. By applying the actual elements to the frame made of the wire frame, this is almost visualized as a visual product almost as a finished product.

And further prototyping will be completed by giving functionality to the mockup. This functionality means actions and movements on the website when you click on an element, and you can also check if the prototype is actually created correctly.

Websites are created in this way, but frameworks and elements are created by writing code, which is called coding.

In addition, the web designer is also responsible for handling these processes separately. In addition, to design large pages, such as the company’s homepage, banner There are a variety of patterns to small things, such as to design a banner Ad.

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Required Skills to be a Web Designer

As skills necessary for designing the Website, we need to know the language for creating the site and introduce the basic ones.

Also, since web designers need to consider coding not only by using languages but also graphics, we will also briefly describe design tools.

  • HTML / CSS
    • Briefly, HTML is the language necessary to create frames of websites. Whether it is design or system making, it is necessary as common knowledge, so most people start learning from HTML first.
    • CSS, on the other hand, allows you to arrange appearance such as adding colors to the frames and design you made, this will decorate the appearance of the website.
  • JavaScript
    • In JavaScript, you can add motion to elements created in HTML, you can change the display by clicking on an element you set.
    • Also, please don’t confuse here Java is a different language.  find more about javaScript here  What is JavaScript! Complete Explanation for Beginners
  • Photoshop / Illustrator
    • Photoshop is a tool for processing images such as photographs, Illustrator is a tool that is good at drawing illustrations, both of which are very effective for web design.
    • Many other tools have appeared in the web design tool, but since there are many documents on how to use and how to use it on the internet, it would be easy for beginners to acquire.

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How to learn Web Designing

Then, how to learn web designing is how to buy a textbook and how to go to school, and recently the learning site has been enriched.

Learning on Internet for Free
The first one is ” w3schools “. here you can learn the necessary languages needed for web designing like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
The other is ” Adobe TV “. This is a learning site for design tools,  you can learn how to use by watching videos.

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