The Creators of PUBG Have Updated the Mode of Deathmatch

The developers of the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds reported that War Mode, one of the most popular modes in the game, is coming back this weekend. This time, however, it was called Desert Knights, and to pass the “event” will be on the expanses of the Miramar map. It was recently remade so that players could get pleasure and positive emotions from the new location. Apparently, we decided to advertise the novelty. It is worth noting that this is the debut of the deathmatch mode on the second PUBG map. In honor of this War Mode, even decided to slightly remake.

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For more active battles, the creators made changes to the squads of players. In the old version of the regime there were three teams of ten people, now there will be ten teams of five characters. Other elements decided not to change – if you played the old version, then you do not need to get used to it. Each team is fighting for victory in all possible ways. Users appear on the map and are sent to fight with other teams. After each murder you will be reborn, points are awarded for each defeated enemy. The first team, which will collect 200 points, becomes the winner of the match.

The developers said that now the characters will appear on the map with steeper items of equipment – helmets and bullet-proof vests, grenades, and rifles (AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, AUG). Added Desert Knights mode to the server on May 4 at five in the morning in Moscow, so you can safely go and fight for the victory. This is a great opportunity to practice shooting, because here, in case of an unsuccessful attempt to kill the enemy, you do not need another ten minutes to wait for a second chance. They are closing the opportunity to try the novelty on May 7 (also at five in the morning), so you have a whole weekend for an active virtual war. I think for fans of PUBG this is gorgeous news.

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