Now in our article ” How to Stop Windows 10 Updates to get Maximum speed of Internet “, this is very useful for people who are with minimum speed of broadband connection.

Sometimes Windows 10 will use our internet connection for updating the files of OS and applications.

While this is running in the background, we can’t surf the web in actual speed.

Now let find out:

How to Stop Windows 10 Updates to get Maximum speed of Internet

  • 1# Disable Automatic Windows Updates

To disable automatic windows updates click on “start” then go to “settings.”

Under settings window select “update & security” now select “Windows Update.”

In windows update option panel under “Update settings” click on “Advance options.”

Final step now in the bottom of “Advance Options” window you can able to see “Pause Updates” turn it “ON.”


  • 2# Disable Automated Peer-to-Peer Update Sharing

To stop the automatic uploads on all networks, go to Settings app, then Update & Security > Windows Update now “Advanced Options.” press on “Choose How Updates are Delivered” and disable it.

  • 3# Prevent Automated App Updates and Live Tiles

To stop Windows 10 from updating Windows Store apps automatically, open Windows store and go to “settings” disable the “Update Apps Automatically” checkbox.

To hold a tile from automatically downloading & displaying new data, long-press or right-click on Start menu tile and head to “More,” & select “Turn Live Tile Off.”

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[su_note note_color=”#fcbdc2″]Note:
By disabling Automatic Updates of Windows may be harmful to your Personal Computer so proceed on your own interest and with caution.[/su_note]

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