Each time you connect to your MacBook or iMac, your iPhone always automatically starts iTunes. How to stop iTunes autostart when iPhone Connected? Very easy and simple!

And so in order to stop the automatic start or sync with iTunes every time you connect your iPhone to a laptop or computer from Apple, follow these steps:

  1. Connect iPhone to your MacBook or iMac
  2. When iTunes opens, do not close it
  3. Go to device
  4. Before you open a new window Itunes, where you can make various changes in the work of the iPhone, scroll to the bottom
  5. Disable the option “Synchronize automatically if the iPhone is connected” in “Parameters”
  6. How to stop iTunes autostart when iPhone Connected

You can close iTunes and disconnect your iPhone from your Macbook or iMac, you’re done! Now you can forget about the fact that when you connect to Mac you will have an annoying Itunes window.

Do you still have questions? Write them in the comments, tell me what you got or vice versa! – How to stop iTunes autostart when iPhone Connected 

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