How Smartphone Manufacturers Manipulate your phone Camera

Life is so – How Smartphone Manufacturers Manipulate your phone Camera

Five examples when companies go to the brink: cunning, manipulate, manipulate facts, but do not reach deception.

The market for smartphones is a huge competition, so companies are taking extreme measures. They manipulate figures, use cunning wording in advertising and mislead potential buyers – they do everything to sell you another smartphone.
Many go on a fine line between a trick and a lie. But some companies are crossing the line. Cheating is noticed quickly, and information diverges on the Internet. The most interesting thing is that even big manufacturers are guilty of this.

A similar case was with the advertisement of the Nokia 920: the video supposedly shot on a brand new flagship was actually shot on a professional camera with stabilization.

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But this is an example of deceit. It is much more interesting when companies are cunning to attract attention to their goods, but they can not be accused of lying – they are balancing on the brink.

I sometimes marvel at the resourcefulness of marketers when I realize that I have taken on another trick. I will tell about them.

Incomplete zoom

June 21, introduced OnePlus 5, read about the smartphone in a note from Maxim Lubin.
The main flagship chip is a double camera with a double zoom. It, like the design, was openly copied from the iPhone 7 Plus but did not do it to the end.
Apple managed to fit two lenses with focal lengths of 28 and 56 mm – it works an honest optical magnification twice. In OnePlus 5, the same optical zoom only works up to a 1.6x increase, and then the software zoom works. This was told on Twitter by the co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei.

Only after his message, I reviewed the footage from the presentation and the materials on the official website. Everywhere they write about a two-fold increase, but not a word about the optical zoom. But I could not even think that we are talking about software magnification and automatically decided that optics works fully there. The trick was a success.

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They can not be accused of lying, but the sediment remains.

Photo on Huawei P9

In July 2016, as part of an advertising campaign to promote the new flagship Huawei P9, the company posted a post in Google+ with a beautiful photo.

The message to the snapshot has something like this:

We caught a beautiful sunrise with Deliciously Ella (note: the name of the blogging girl). Huawei P9 with a dual camera Leica turns the process of shooting in poor lighting in pleasure. Take a photo on your smartphone and share your sunset image.

How Smartphone Manufacturers Manipulate your phone Camera

From the message, we can assume that the picture was taken on Huawei P9 with its cameras from Leica, and that would be logical. But users looked at the EXIF images and found that the photo was shot on the Canon 5D Mark III.
We return to the message. Yes, indeed, it does not say that the photos were taken on a smartphone. Although many thought so. Sly.

But Huawei acknowledged the mistake and apologized:

We recognize that we should have more clearly formulated the signature to this photo. We did not want to mislead our readers.

Game with permission

The struggle for high resolution in smartphone screens was over a year ago. One of the brightest representatives of this period and, at the same time, the record holder – Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with its 4K-display.
It sounds cool: when not all huge televisions are equipped with so many pixels, and here on the 5.5-inch display the resolution is 3840×2160 pixels. The same density of pixels in 807 ppi, no Retina-displays are equal.

But Sony forgot to clarify one thing: 4K-resolution works only when watching videos and photos. In applications, games, on the working screen, the smartphone displayed a picture in Full HD. In the description on the official Sony Xperia Z5 Premium page, this is not mentioned.

How Smartphone Manufacturers Manipulate your phone Camera

The company explained that the resolution was limited to save battery power. This is logical, but Sony made a big accent in advertising for 4K-resolution. And it turned out that it does not always work.

It is worth noting that Sony is not alone playing with the display resolution. The new Galaxy S8 and S8 + work by default at a resolution of 2220×1080, and not at the maximum 2960×1440. It can be switched in the settings, but I’m sure that few people pay attention to it.

The thinnest*

In July last year, there was another scandal – the Russian company Bright & Quick on its website called the 5-millimeter smartphone BQ Blade the most delicate. There is nothing criminal in this, but it’s a lie. At the same time, the violation of the Law on Advertising, as there were no studies conducted by independent companies.

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Allegedly the finest BQ Blade is actually a complete copy of the smartphone Micromax Canvas Silver 5 – the same characteristics and design. But the smartphone Micromax was sold in Russia a year before BQ. But a year before they were Fly Tornado Slim and Gionee Elife S5.1 – it was he who got into the Guinness Book of World Records as the thinnest smartphone. So far, it has not been circumvented.

How Smartphone Manufacturers Manipulate your phone Camera

After the charge of cheating, Bright & Quick added to the advertising slogan a footnote – * the thinnest in the lineup of BQ Mobile smartphones. It looks funny.

Loud numbers that mean nothing

Companies like to advertise devices with the help of numbers: 8 cores, 20 megapixels, 5000 mAh battery. But if these figures mean anything, sometimes manufacturers give us absolutely useless information under the guise of something incredible.

How Smartphone Manufacturers Manipulate your phone Camera

So does even Apple. At the presentation of the iPhone 7, they compared the performance of the first iPhone – “The graphics of this smartphone is more powerful 240 times!”. The figure is incredible, but it is worth remembering that the first iPhone came out 9 years ago – immediately the information loses weight.
More often under the loud figures hide minor innovations. Apple compares the performance of the new flagship with the old smartphone, and if you look at the difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S – in everyday work the difference is not significant, and in benchmarks about 30%. But it does not sound as cool as “240 times better”.

These are the most innocent tricks, but there is no benefit from such information. Just manipulating the facts that Apple and other companies like to do.

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Do not believe anyone?

It’s definitely not worth getting paranoid. Do not forget that the main goal of all companies is to make money from you. So if the manufacturer does something good, then, most likely, it is a clear plan to promote the brand or increase loyalty to yourself. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider with suspicion all information about products, especially on behalf of its manufacturer.

These are just a few examples from my memory. Share the tricks of other companies that you have been led to by yourself or just encountered.

What do you think?

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