Until recently, users of the popular instant messenger WhatsApp could send only some files, for example, photos, video, PDF documents, Word documents and so on. – How to send photos in WhatsApp without losing quality

Moreover, if you send a photo directly, WhatsApp strongly compresses it before sending it to the recipient, thereby losing quality. A recent update of WhatsApp solved this problem. Now users of the mobile messenger can send a file of any format up to 100 MB without any compression and loss of quality.Note that even Gmail has a limitation on sending files without compression to 25 MB.


How to send photos in WhatsApp without losing quality

If before you sent an image of 2.39 MB, then your interlocutor received a compressed file of about 41 KB. Of course, this is not a big problem if you are viewing images in a mobile application called WhatsApp.But if you want to see a picture on a computer, or print it for a family archive, then it’s better to transfer the file without compression.

The good news is that after the recent update (2.17.254) you can share images in WhatsApp without compression. You can also send any document, whether it’s an APK file or a ZIP file.

Note that Gmail allows you to send files without compression to 25 MB, but Telegram still leads in this regard, because it offers the ability to transfer files up to 1.5 GB.

How to send photos in WhatsApp without losing quality

    1. Launch the Google Play Store and update the WhatsApp application to the latest version.
    2. Now open the dialog with the person to whom you want to send the photo, click the Attachments icon(the one that looks like a paper clip), select Document, and a new menu will appear.
    3. How to send photos in WhatsApp without losing quality
    4. Click ” View other documents ” and select a photo. That’s right, you can attach any document, including images. Click the ” Send ” button.
    5. How to send photos in WhatsApp without losing quality

  1. Voilà! Done.
  2. How to send photos in WhatsApp without losing quality

You just sent a full-sized photo, the size of which is 2.4 MB, and the file format is JPEG. And most importantly, you can send multiple images using this function, just by clicking on one image, and then selecting the rest.


WhatsApp has become a little more convenient after a new update. Write in the comments below how long you’ve been waiting for the possibility of sending photos through WhatsApp without losing quality.

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