How to Scan QR codes on iPhone in iOS 11

Since iOS 11, the Camera application on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been able to recognize QR codes. In this little instruction, we talk about the new function and clearly demonstrated How to scan QR codes on iPhone in iOS 11easily.

How to scan QR codes on iPhone in iOS 11

1. Go to the ” Settings ” → ” Camera ” menu and activate the ” QR Code Scan ” switch

2. Launch the Camera application and make sure that you are in the normal photo shooting mode or shooting the square pictures.

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3. Aim the camera lens at the QR code that you want to recognize.

4. Once the QR code is successfully recognized, you will receive a notification of the data that it contains. In this notification iOS immediately prompts you to perform the action with the data received. For example, if the QR code contains a link to a website, the system will prompt you to open it in Safari, if the phone number, then call it, etc.

Developers Apple has made the recognition of QR-codes as convenient and safe to use. So, after recognizing the link, its URL will be displayed in the pop-up notification window. This allows you to quickly evaluate the address of the link and in the event that it looks like a malicious one, ignore the opening of the site.

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You can scan QR Codes using the Camera application on iPhone from a physical media, or from a computer screen, or from another mobile device. Note that in the second case, scanning may not take place immediately.

Apple has implemented the function of scanning QR codes in iOS 11 in order to please its Chinese customers. In the Middle Kingdom, QR codes are used everywhere and before, iPhone owners from China had to use third-party applications to recognize them.

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