Samsung Smartphones Break More Often – New Report 2018

Analysts of Blancco company published a report on the market for recovered smartphones, which lists the most problematic manufacturers. Based on the report, Samsung has the highest failure rate of 27.4%. This means that smartphones of the Korean manufacturer often fall into the repair. The indicator is quite depressing because this brand ranks first in Android smartphone sales in the world.

The second place in the list is confidently occupied by Xiaomi – 14.2%. The Chinese brand “pleases” its users with breakages almost twice less often, which indicates the high reliability of the rulers Redmi and Mi.

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Smartphone Failure Rate Report Q1 2018

In Blancco decided to bring all smartphones to iOS in a separate category, so as not to confuse users. It turned out that the most breaking product of Apple is the iPhone 6 – 22% of devices were in repair. Although the iPhone 6S is not very far from it, the advanced version has a coefficient of 16%.

Note that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X break extremely rare, and this figure can be attributed to damage from falls, which the manufacturer is not to blame. If you are planning to take an Apple smartphone in the near future, you must bypass the iPhone 6 / 6s, but the other models proved to be very good.

Experts Blancco said that most often, Android-smartphones suffer from performance problems. This “sick” every third device sent for repair. In addition, often there are problems with the camera, microphone, battery charging and speaker. Apple smartphones with a hardware component are slightly better, but there are drawbacks – the devices often suffer from connectivity problems.

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Almost every third iPhone gets to repair through the fault of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or network connection disruptions. And let’s not forget about the recent scandal about the decline in performance of Apple’s smartphones. This is not included in the report, but analysts advise to keep this information in mind.

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