Samsung Galaxy Users are More Happy then iPhone Owners

Many argue with Analysts Like-folio said that owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones much more satisfied with their gadgets than the iPhone users. That is the conclusion the experts came by examining the message from the owners of smartphones Samsung and Apple on Twitter for two years. It was found that users of the South Korean company’s devices are much more likely to write positive reviews about their smartphones.
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Like-folio experts conducted a large-scale study. They collected messages in Twitter from iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy owners since the beginning of 2016 by December 2017. Collected from experts posts selected only those in which users express an opinion on their smartphones.

It seemed that almost 90% of tweets about the various models of Samsung Galaxy, are positive. They users anyway praised their smartphones. In the case of the iPhone the figure is only 70%. According to experts, the highest number of negative reviews registered users iPhone X. The latter often expressed dissatisfaction with some features or bugs most expensive Apple smartphone.
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It is noteworthy that outside experts have questioned the Like-folio statistics because of the last point. Despite the hype in the media about problems iPhone X, none of the problems are not of mass character. In other words, each detected bug iPhone X, whether it is the appearance of the green stripes on the screen or crack over time, came at the units. And each of these cases, of course, is the warranty and owners of defective iPhone X simply exchanged their smartphones with the new.

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