Samsung to Earn more on iPhone X than Galaxy S8

According to the report The Wall Street Journal, the company Samsung will work on every iPhone X around $ 110, that overall $ 4 billion more than the sale of components for the Galaxy the S8.

To begin, let us explain that the Korean giant has powerful production capacity and is one of the largest manufacturers of components for various electronics. It just so happens that Apple currently still remains one of the major Samsung customers, despite the competition and litigation.

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Counterpoint Technology Specialists conducted a study for the publication of the WSJ, which estimated that from one iPhone X Samsung to earn $ 110. In this case, cost of components for its own smartphone Galaxy S8 company is $ 202. The difference in the total income of the experts has received, based on the fact that the Apple 20 months should sell 130 million iPhone X, and Samsung – about 50 million Galaxy S8.

In addition to the batteries and capacitors, a Korean manufacturer of supplies for Apple OLED-displays, microcircuits of memory and of NAND-flash memory chips. For Samsung, it is a huge piece of the pie – about 35% of total revenue.

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In this video, well it shows the relationship Apple and Samsung. Both companies are highly dependent on each other and at the same time are competitors in the production of smartphones. Business, just business.

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