The operating system MIUI 9 successfully passed the speed test

Xiaomi Company decided to “pose foreheads” MIUI 9, EMUI 5.1 and Samsung Experience (SE) to check which of them is faster.

For the experiment, flagship devices with similar characteristics of Samsung Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi6, and Huawei P10 were chosen. Testing was as follows: all 50 devices downloaded 50 identical applications, then alternately ran these programs on each and measured the start time. Here is the video report:

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The competition won MIUI 9 with a giant margin: 43 out of 50 applications, the smartphone Xiaomi opened faster than competitors. In 4 cases the best result was shown by the Samsung device, only in 3 – the gadget from Huawei. Representatives of Xiaomi note that they are not at all surprised by the results of the competition – in fact, the manufacturer promised that the speed of application launch will significantly increase with the new version of the operating system.

Recall that MIUI 9 will be available to normal users on August 21.

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