Now Amazon Prime is Going to Stream Free Movies

Do you want to have Amazon Prime Video free with ads? We know that the portal Ad Age has confirmed that Amazon is working right now on a free version with ads in Prime Video.

Although the concept was well accepted by the service provided, such as the free Spotify account, for now, there is no platform multimedia content without hiring paid subscription. But there are several murmurs have pointed to Amazon where he was given importance by offering a free service.

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The AdAge says, the company’s Amazon still doing meetings with television networks, movie studios and other companies of the medium. All to search for ad provider rather than pay for the subscription. In this way, users will be able to have a free option. Since now, there is no option to have Amazon Prime Video Free, you can only have if paid.

Amazon Prime Free Version with Video Ads

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Currently, Amazon talks about the possibility of providing content on their own channels to generate profit through advertising. This will make based on their users and each week will count with them. It has pointed out that an executive who is related to the company. ” Amazon has been doubling their own content. They are looking to try to see how that is affordable. The way to achieve this is by using the “freemium model“.

It works like Spotify (free version). Ads in exchange for not paying the subscription.

As for the free version of Amazon Prime Video, it would be served by a catalog of titles actually recognized several television studios and film. May seek work to get children or children ‘s programming. It would also be an excellent choice to give rich content lifestyle, travel, other shows, kitchen, among others, ideal for e-commerce.

It would be a move that would strengthen the fight for an audience. They seek to immerse themselves in competition against Netflix, HBO or Sky. It is that with Amazon Prime Video Free all may sound good.

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