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New Lenovo Future Foldable Phone And Tablet

New Lenovo Future Foldable Phone And Tablet


New Lenovo Future Foldable Phone And Tablet

Foldable smartphones and tablets it looks like they’re coming at some point we’re here at the novotel World in San Francisco and a lot of cool stuff for announced here like the tank already fat to pro and the modular motos E and C force but those were really thought were cool our concepts yes concept says and they’re not something will be buying any time soon.

Now Future of Smartphones is here

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Either way it really opens up the idea of what will potentially see down the road now during this Q&A session with some of the engineers we got a sneak peek at two foldable devices chassis itself bents innovis concept seems practical because as it’s being bended the interface slowly begins to shift so that its operation while on your wrist is a little bit more appropriate what’s really interesting is that lenovo says that folding a display in isn’t a problem but it is when you’re bending it out which is the case here with the smartphone.

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