New iPhone Will Get Fast Charging with Limitations

According to rumors, the upcoming iPhone line for the first time in 10 years will receive a new 18W charger and an updated USB-C cable. The innovation will allow users to use fast charging from the box without having to spend money on the purchase of additional accessories. Despite the fact that one problem will be less, it seems that there will be another. The reports that Apple will introduce special restrictions related to the operation of the power adapter.

According to Macotakara, the iPhone of 2018 will really be fast charging, but only with the original full charge. Otherwise, third-party power adapters that are not certified by USB Power Delivery Revision 3.0 will cause an artificial limitation of the recharging power for protection purposes. Instead of 18 W (9 V / 2 A), it will be only 2.5 W (5 V / 0.5 A). To determine the security of the connected accessories, smartphones will be equipped with USB Type-C Authentication technology.

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Recall, the network has already appeared the first live photos of the new Apple charger with a USB-C connector for the future iPhone. Buy an accessory separately will not work for at least several months after the start of sales due to problems in production. It is expected that the company will completely switch from Lightning to USB Type-C in the next 2019.

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