New Bug In YouTube – The Cheating Views

Tools for promotion on the channel the YouTube, who wished to remain anonymous, told the authoritative edition a bug on the popular video-sharing site, allows you to wind the views for any video. Due to an error algorithm video service considered views and clips in a playlist on the site.

Bug that is already fixed, used to promote the movie trailers and clips of musical artists

As an anonymous source told the publication, use the bug was easy enough. It was necessary to create a playlist of the two videos. The first bank of a video could be any (the specified start time – the last second). Should add a second video, the number of views that you need to cheat. Next playlist muted and auto discreetly inserted into a Web page. After these manipulations, each user visiting the “infected” website to view the video in the background – without even knowing it.
According to an anonymous source, this bug is mainly used to promote movie trailers and clips of some musical performers.

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August 5, 2017, one of YouTube users addressed technical support video service with a similar complaint. According to him, the mysterious video began to appear in the log is viewed on YouTube after the visit of Russian portal about anime: Anistar and AnimeSpirit. Then an employee Google said that the developers are aware of this bug. Apparently, it took about two months to solve it.

To date, this bug whose work demonstrated by an anonymous source on a special page no longer works.

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