Manufacturers of Android-Smartphone Does Not Slow down Your Device

Leading manufacturers of smartphones quick to say that does not slow down your device, as does Apple. To date, the official statements issued to HTC, Motorola, LG, and Samsung. The others – or is not answered or until study this question.

As we know, Apple admitted that deliberately reduces the performance of the old iPhone as batteries wear. As explained in the company, it prevents accidental disconnection of smartphones. It has long been there such a “conspiracy theory” according to which Apple is starting to slow down the iPhone to work immediately after purchase, thus motivating their owners to buy new models. Therefore, users appeared legitimate question, and do not use if such a practice manufacturers of Android-smartphone.

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HTC and Motorola representatives assured that they do not use such methods and are not engaged in throttling the processor when the battery loses its original capacity and the ability to hold a charge. After them, the same confirmed by Samsung and LG. The latter, in particular, noted that “never practiced and does not practice such methods.”

The most detailed comments provided the company Samsung:

“Product quality has been and will be a top priority for Samsung Mobile. We seek long term Samsung mobile device battery life through multi-level security measures, which include software algorithms governing the battery charging current and the duration of the charging. We do not reduce the performance of the processor through software updates throughout the smartphone’s “life cycle.

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Meanwhile, Apple has apologized for the fact that slows down the older iPhone without the user’s knowledge and offering them compensation. iPhone owners with worn batteries can replace the battery for $ 29 instead of $ 79 (the official cost of the service).

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