How to make your WordPress Site Attractive to Users

Let’s find out How to make your WordPress Site Attractive that you can attract more viewers/traffic – WordPress is an excellent resource where you can create a professional website and use its constant updates. Regardless of the scope of your activity, whether you are a photographer, a developer, a business consultant, you will always have competitors. And your site can be precisely that business card, through which customers will contact you. Let’s try to make it like this with a few tips.

How to make your WordPress Site Attractive to Users

1.Choose Interesting Theme – To make your WordPress Site Attractive

If you want to attract the attention of customers to your site, then it should look professional and unique, compared to others. Many businessmen want to see on their sites a specially designed on their request topic, but if your budget does not allow, then the theme of “premium” is perfect for you in this situation.

Of course, the choice of topic depends on the services that you offer. The themes of the ” portfolio ” are best suited for photographers and those who are related to creativity, themes with minimal design – for writers, and ” one-page ” – for any business.

If you are engaged in web design, working in the field of marketing or technology, it is important to follow modern design trends and update the topics according to them. Using themes of two years ago, you question the fact that you are developing professionally in your field. This can frighten most customers.

2.Optimize Your WordPress Site Load time

Most users will leave the site for a few seconds if its pages are loaded for a long time. To avoid this, it’s better to choose simple themes and not to overload the site with random photos and videos.

Try installing the plugin W3 Total Cache, Which will significantly improve the speed of loading. To test or get additional recommendations on the rate of your site use this free services YSlow or Google Page Speed to test and improve your WordPress site.

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3. Do not forget about SEO

If the site is properly optimized for search engines, then customers will find it easier to find you. This is more important if you offer services only in specific regions. Suppose you are a wedding photographer in Moscow. Then you want to be sure that your site is issued on the first page of Google on request “wedding photographer in Moscow.”

The easiest way to optimize your site for WordPress for search engines is to install the plugin All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO Plugin. They optimize the structure of the site and correct the titles, which will help to find your site faster in the search engine.

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Installing the SEO plugin is the minimum that you can do. You can also add the right keywords for images and do internal page linking, if possible.

It is also very good to make a site map and attach it to Google, which will also greatly help your site in the promotion. This can be done with the plugin – Google XML Sitemaps.

4. Your contact Form should be in sight

You can have the best design of the site in the world, but if there are no contacts on it, then it is simply useless. Make sure that you have put the necessary link to “Contact form” in the site navigation and added several more ways to contact you on this page.

If you post information such as “Contact me by mail …” and post your email, it can be used as spam and you will receive a lot of unnecessary emails. It is best to replace it with a regular contact form, which can be done with the plugin Contact Form 7 With the fields you need.

If you have an office, write his address and place the Google map on the page. This will help WP Google Maps Or similar plugins.

5. Be yourself

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It’s amazing that many freelancers do not think about putting their own photo on the website page. If you find customers through the Internet, then they do not always have the opportunity to meet with you in the real-life tete-a-tete. Therefore, it is important for most people to see at least a photo how the person with whom they are going to work looks like.

If you post your photo, it will be easier for you to generate trust and disposition towards yourself, even before you are contacted personally.

For the same reason, do not use the word “we” if you work alone. Many freelancers think that this sounds more professional, but in fact, it has a completely different effect.

Do not be afraid to show who you are. Your customers are also people, and they will be more excited to work with you if you create the impression of a person with whom you can even communicate outside of work.

6. Create and maintain a blog

Initially, WordPress was the platform for creating a blog. And if you use this advantage and will often write interesting posts, you will attract even more attention to your site. In addition, the blog can contribute to SEO-promotion site.

It is the blog where you can reveal your professionalism and show potential customers that you are well versed in what you are doing.

And finally …

7. Invest in your site, then it will bring you a profit

Of course, it’s very easy to stop following your site and update it, while you are wasting your time on another job.

But if you allocate a little time and money, make the site more attractive, it will bring more customers and profits. The simplicity and convenience of WordPress, available themes and plugins created an excellent opportunity for this.

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