How to Make a Website First in Google Search 2017

Before diving into our topic ” How to Make a Website First in Google Search 2017 ” I want to tell you one important line of search engines.

With the passage of time, the nature of the search is changing, and the approaches to promotion are appropriately transformed. New realities require new recommendations.

If in 2017, to get the top Google search result – mainly had to work with the semantics, site structure, buy links to authoritative resources, but now SEO-approaches have changed somewhat.

Of course, all these practices are still relevant, but you can not rely solely on them anymore. Today, some new factors have emerged, and, consequently, approaches that allow the site to be promoted in extradition. About them, and it will go in the article.

How to Make a Website First in Google Search

1. Optimize for RankBrain

RankBrain is a Google algorithm, developed on the basis of artificial intelligence. Regarding technical implementation, it is a self-learning system. Engineers search engine position it as one of the three key ranking signals.

Google uses RankBrain mainly to handle rare and polysemantic questions that users have never previously addressed to the system. The share of such requests is gradually growing, and today their daily number is at least 15% of the total. If we proceed from the fact that Google processes up to three billion requests a day, the number of new and ambiguous queries today is approaching 450 million.

Without a doubt, the optimization of sites for algorithms of artificial intelligence leaves its imprint on the work of an Internet marketer. At the same time, it’s entirely possible to adapt the contents of the pages under RankBrain.

It will start with the creation of content that would provide the user with answers to unique questions, fully take into account the interests of a particular person and was relevant to his current needs.

The development of such content is usually done by trial and error and requires considerable time and patience. It is important to regularly update information, create informative content and understand the user, optimize it for current requests.

2. Optimize for “Next to Me” Category Requests

According to the representatives of Google, micro motions are “critically important and very short periods of time that affect the current way of the consumer. From the totality of such moments, the final point of this path is formed.”

The concept is more relevant to the behavior of mobile users because it is this segment that today becomes the driver of local search. The success of any local business is largely predetermined by the degree of adaptation of its mobile resources to local search.

As previously reported by Chris Lake, working with micro motions, it is important to consider the following aspects: A) the high activity of mobile users B) do not rely on the customer’s loyalty to the brand, but provide the consumer with the widest possible interaction with the content of pages on the mobile device.

Three main advice marketers, conceivably, can be reduced to the following:

  • Anticipate users’ expectations and shape their needs,
  • To ensure the simplicity of interaction with the contents of the page.
  • Guarantee the relevance and freshness of content.

How to Make a Website First in Google Search - Micro Moments

3. Optimize for Local Queries

This paragraph becomes the logical continuation of the previous one. Optimize the query “next to me” if content the pages provided that the institutions are really within walking distance from the user. If the business can not guarantee the customer a presence near, then it is advisable to work with local search.

To achieve this, you can optimize your company’s website in “Google My Business.” First of all, it is important to make sure that the page corresponds to the necessary list of conditions, namely:

  • It has a detailed and unique description of the business.
  • The business category was chosen correctly.
  • There is detailed information about the mode of operation.
  • High-quality photos of branches and establishments are placed.
  • The content of the page is updated regularly.
  • Local telephone numbers and addresses of branches are indicated.

Another critically important factor is the availability of user feedback. Not by chance the chief editor of ClickZ Graham Charlton (Graham Charlton) argues that the presence of the local issue is crucial for a company, regardless of whether it is sold or not.

4. Optimize for Dialog & Voice Search

As reported by KPCB in the report on Internet trends in 2016, the number of voice search queries in 2016 increased by 35 times compared to 2008. Regardless of which display screen has a mobile device, the user now prefers voice-input requests.

How to Make a Website First in Google Search -
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What is the reason for such popularity of voice search? The fact is that entering a voice query occurs 4 times faster than typing on the keyboard. This is especially true in the age of mobile devices when users are forced to interact with the search under a variety of circumstances, using various gadgets. In addition, people try to avoid confusing and complex menus. The fewer actions required from a person to solve a problem – the greater the satisfaction with the process he will receive.

Notable achievements in this field have also been made by Google. Search engine algorithms today have learned to recognize the most diverse types of voice queries and analyze complex combinations of words.

The key aspect of voice search optimization is the creation of content that can provide answers to specific user requests. It is important to formulate sentences in the texts, taking into account the spoken language, carefully analyze the keywords in the requests of the new type and move on them.

5. Google Snippets

Optimizing content for queries in the default dialog search implies that the content of the site is able to provide the user with direct answers to most queries. Today, Google is increasingly replacing Wikipedia content in the “Knowledge Networksnippets with the contents of the pages of various sites. Search engineers understand that a true expert answer to users’ questions can only be given by resources that specialize in a particular subject. That’s why it’s so important that the contents of the pages are able to fully satisfy the user’s request.

How to Make a Website First in Google Search - Google Snippets

To achieve this, it is important to find the requests to which the owner of this resource is able to give an expert response and develop content for them. In order to optimize snippets for dialog search, it is better to arrange them in the form of answers to questions. In this case, the question should be taken as the title, and the subsequent block of text and illustrative material should serve as an answer to this question. The wording should be complete, but clear. It is important to avoid lengthy explanations.

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6. Take risks and Start the Context

There is one more, the well-known method of promotion – Contextual Advertising. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. For those who choose to invest in context, it is critically important to develop the correct ad text and create relevant landings. Ideally, the advertised products must have high consumer properties. This is especially true for those who work with the format “Product Ads“.

How to Make a Website First in Google Search - Contextual Advertising

And still, if the campaign is organized incorrectly, the risk of losing the budget is wasted.

7. Enable AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – the standard Google, announced in late 2015. It promotes the creation of special versions of pages that are quickly downloaded to mobile devices.

Technology has not become an innovation. This approach was used 15 years ago at the dawn of WAP when the mobile Internet was slow and expensive.

The principle remained unchanged. The standard imposes a number of restrictions on the code used. It offers customized AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache for layout. You will not be able to use third-party libraries.

Advantages of AMP:

  • Sites work faster. Improves UX. Thanks to this, users feel comfortable. A convenience of interaction can become a significant competitive advantage.
  • Page load speed affects the ranking. Google pays more attention to resources that work fast. By optimizing the mobile version using the new technology, you can achieve a significant increase in conversion.
  • Large search engines are betting on a mobile web. This is due to the steadily increasing percentage of sales of goods from mobile devices. People use them to make purchases, while waiting in lines and trips. Many forecasts indicate a further increase in the value of the mobile Internet.
  • AMP is the development by Google. When compiling SERP, the company will pay more attention to the pages created with this technology. Users of mobile devices could notice how many sites with a corresponding mark appear in the search result.

Most likely, this technology will not be used everywhere. It seems to be a convenient solution for optimizing pages that contain only content. This approach is good for a blog, News feed, and other information elements. For landing pages, the main feature of which is an exclusive design, AMP does not fit in principle.

The transition can be simplified for CMS users. Now there are suitable plug-ins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.etc.

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8. Optimize for Mobile (Responsive Design)

Everyone wants their site to gain the higher location of search engines, you should carefully consider what the search engines like. So, Google not only recommends doing sites with responsive web design, but also puts such sites higher in search results.

Yes, not everyone is ready to accept that responsive layout solves its tasks better than a separate mobile version of the site, but in terms of SEO, sites with adaptive web design tend to have an advantage. A separate version of the site will have its own page addresses, its own HTML code different from the main version of the site, and resources with adaptive design use the same URL, the same pages, and files, which makes it easier for them to be indexed by search engines.

Visitors visiting a site from a smartphone or tablet should see the same content that is displayed when they are viewed on a computer screen without experiencing any additional difficulties. For example, you found something interesting on one of the websites, sitting at your home computer, and want to share a link with a friend who goes online from the phone. If the design of the site is optimized, then your friend will be just as comfortable to view the page as you. Otherwise, there will be difficulties.

responsive web design allows modern websites to find their audience among modern users – those who are more and more Internet-connected from mobile devices, while still demanding the same high standards for the operation of sites on home computers. The use of adaptive design allows you to work most effectively with mobile traffic, providing the greatest usability of the site.

9. Increase The Speed of the Site

As mentioned earlier, AMP helps at times to accelerate the loading of mobile resource pages. However, this is not the only way to increase the speed of loading pages. In addition, the question can not be approached thoughtlessly. Work to speed up the site requires considerable effort on the part of its owner. Before embarking on it, it is important to understand what else the site lacks for a successful promotion to Google.

The speed of loading resource pages today is a ranking factor, but there are many other aspects that the search engine takes into account. And it is better to start improving with them.

Those who decided to seriously approach the issue of acceleration, it is better to test your resource with a special tool, carefully study the report and determine the priority directions for further action.

Often improve the speed of loading resource pages helps common image optimization, Minify – JavaScript and CSS and the main factor to increase site speed is Perfect Hosting.

10. Do Not Forget The Social Networks

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the optimization of the resource for social media. It usually consists of promoting the resource in social networks and other areas of communication. This is a relatively new method of website promotion, which goes around traditional optimization motos for search engines.

The main objective of SMO – is to attract targeted visitors to your website with social media resources. It does not have to be social networks. Subject forums, thematic blogs, instant messaging – all these basic field SMO actions. Here, the main emphasis is on the social networks, as there is the greatest number of users, and thus the potential traffic. To “force” a man to go to promote the site, you need to call it confidence but is known to be able to trust cause not all the people, and not all sites.


So this are-our relevant SEO practices to boost your website to the first pages of the search engines.

Thanks for reading our ” How to Make a Website First in Google Search 2017 “, even read our other related SEO articles which help to improve your website positions.

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