How to Listen Music on VKontakte absolutely Free

In April this year, “VKontakte” network unveiled a subscription to listen to music without any restrictions. Since then, the Russian company has continued to introduce new requirements to toughen the habitual use of the section of audio, mainly – in the Android and iOS apps. The last straw in the legalization of the music in “VKontakte” was the restriction of online listening to 1 hour per day (later cut to 30 minutes altogether). Members are upset, angry and very unhappy.

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However, it is possible to circumvent the new ban. Its quite accidentally discovered edition “Kanobu.” And in fact, a straightforward method. Now, we tell our readers how to continue to listen to your favorite music VKontakte free and without any time limits.

How to Get Free Music on VKontakte

  1. Connect your smartphone to a headset with a remote control.
  2. VKontakte” Run the application.
  3. Turn any song and put it on pause.
  4. Lock your smartphone.
  5. Start the music using the buttons on the headset.
  6. Enjoy unlimited listening to music!

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Please note that, most likely, this loophole will be closed by the developers of “VKontakte” in future application updates. In this case, in order not to leave the music finally, do not install the next application update. You can also proceed with the older version of VKontakte on Android, but it, as well as third-party clients already turned off the music section. Surely this is not the developer’s fault.

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Finally, we want to remind you that there is quite good and even excellent alternative music section, “VKontakte” – a popular service. It is possible that eventually you will like this option and you will be delighted with them.

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