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List of Best and Secure free VPN’s for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

How to become anonymous, secure the data, go to an inaccessible site and not spend a penny. so let’s explore our ” List of Best and Secure free VPN’s for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac ”

VPN means “virtual private network”. This is a general name of the technology for creating a virtual network over the network. Most often, a VPN means a node between a user and the Internet, through which all traffic passes and is encrypted. This is what we need.

VPN helps to create an additional level of data protection, hide your real IP address or virtually change your location to bypass the regional service blocking. So you can protect yourself by using Wi-Fi in a cafe, becoming anonymous on the Internet or pretending to be a user from America.

I do not need to be anonymous on the Internet, and for this, it’s better to use more serious tools, like the Tor browser. I also try not to use public Wi-Fi. But sometimes there is a need to buy something in a foreign store or, for example, I want to try the music service Spotify – here we need VPN.

Is VPN is Totally Free

A VPN server with good servers does not just give up. The supplier buys and services equipment pay electricity bills and want to earn. The price depends on the quality of the equipment, the number of servers and additional services.
But I do not want to pay for the service to use it once a month. So I’ll talk about free VPN services.

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List of Best and Secure free VPN’s for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac


The service gives free unlimited traffic through the extension for Chrome, Opera or Firefox. They are given four servers: in the USA, Romania, Germany and Hong Kong.
There are also having applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. With premium subscription: 149.00/mo

List of Best and Secure free VPN's for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

But I use ZenMate only through a browser and free servers – this is enough for my purposes. It works stably and simply: when you need to go to an inaccessible site, including the extension and everything, you went to the site from America.
Download gigabytes of files will not work, you can go to inaccessible sites at a comfortable speed, but not at the maximum. Yet the server is free and unlimited.

If the computer often requires a VPN – ZenMate is a good choice. But to work on smartphones you need to pay, but there is a trial period of 7 days.

🔗Download ZenMate

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This service uses a different distribution scheme. TunnelBear gives free access to servers in 19 countries on any available devices, but there is a traffic limit of 1 GB per month. This is enough to periodically go to inaccessible sites, but for constant use is not enough.
If the free traffic ends – you can invite a friend or write a tweet with the mention of @theTunnelBear and get another gigabyte for a month.

List of Best and Secure free VPN's for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Available servers: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, India.
Unlimited traffic for 5 devices costs $4.99 per month.

TunnelBear can be configured to automatically work in unprotected Wi-Fi networks: in the metro, cafe or office.

TunnelBear is great if you need a cross-platform VPN service with a large selection of countries. But gigabytes of traffic is enough for only 4-5 sessions.
The service is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, there are extensions for Chrome and Opera.

🔗Download TunnelBear

Opera VPN

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Opera gives a small selection of free servers, but traffic is unlimited for mobile devices through a separate application or via a browser on a PC. But I use VPN from Opera only on the smartphone, on the computer I prefer a different browser.

Opera VPN has a nice and simple application: opened, clicked to connect and it will choose the optimal server itself. The country can be changed if necessary.
I’m glad that you do not need to register for the service.
But I do not recommend downloading files via torrents – this is a heavy load on servers, they can ban.

List of Best and Secure free VPN's for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac

Free service affects the quality of servers – sometimes the speed drops or it does not work, but this happens rarely. Now, developers are trying to monetize the project through advertising in the application. No banners on the whole screen.

On smartphones Opera VPN, perhaps the most optimal option, if you do not want to pay money, there are no high requirements for the speed and location of the server, but you need a VPN without traffic restrictions.
They do not even have a paid version, only modestly show ads.

Opera VPN for 🔗Android / 🔗iOS

These are three free VPN services with their own features and usage scenarios. Somewhere fast servers, but limited traffic; Somewhere less speed, but no limit. In any case, you will have to compromise or take a VPN for money. Please share this post  ” List of Best and Secure free VPN’s for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac ‘ who are in need of free VPN services or apps.

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