The API DirectX 11 appeared more than 7 years ago and comparing it is slower than the newer and more technologically advanced DX 12. In this guide, we will see How to Run Latest Games on old DirectX10 GPU.

However, there are still a lot of relatively powerful video cards in the world that was deprived of DirectX 11 support – for example, the GeForce 200 line: its top representatives, GTX 280 and higher, without any problems, pull GTA 5 even in FHD. However, when you try to run the same Fallout 4 on this video card, which seems to be well optimized, we are faced with the fact that the game requires DX 11. Of course, the best way is to buy the simplest DX11 compatible video card, they are worth it (especially b / y) is inexpensive, but if you really want – you can try to play the latest games and on the old hardware with support only DX10.

How to Run Latest Games on old DirectX10 GPU

To do this, we will be helped by software emulation of new versions of DX – up to the 12th. To use it, you need a Windows SDK – you can download it on the official website [LINK]. After installation, go to the path C: \ Windows \ System32 and run the dxcpl.exe file. In it, click on “Edit list …” and add .exe to the desired game. Now we select the Feature level limit at the level that is needed (for DX 11 it’s better to take 11_1, on the 12th it’s better not to climb), turn on Force WARP and Force On, then apply the changes. It should look like as presented in image:

How to Run Latest Games on old DirectX10 GPU

After such actions the game demanding DX11 most likely will start, however, it is necessary to consider that the software emulation works extremely slowly, so immediately limit to the minimum settings in HD. Well, of course, you should not try to run projects that require hi-end hardware – it’s best to limit yourself to step-by-step games such as Tropico or Civilization VI.


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