What is JavaScript ! Complete Explanation for Beginners

For beginners, I explain in detail what is JavaScript. Introducing the difference between JavaScript and Java, reason why JavaScript is modern, and learning method. People aiming for front-end engineers from now on must be a must-see.

What is JavaScript ! Complete Explanation for Beginners

What is JavaScript?

Many people do not know, but we are all heavy users of JavaScript, and they use dozens of times a day. Javascript is used in almost all devices, from desktop computers, mobile phones to smart televisions, to the latest model cars. It is useful for us to search the web and live a life surrounded by computers.

As you can see, JavaScript has penetrated everywhere, but you still may still be wondering “What is JavaScript in the end?” JavaScript is entirely different from Java.

JavaScript is completely different from Java

JavaScript is entirely different from Java

JavaScript is a programming language and used to facilitate interaction between the user’s web browser and websites or web services.

Virtually everything we can experience in browsing is through JavaScript processing utilized in the browser.

Javascript is used for the design and comfort of the appearance of the website to the display of information on the site such as the title of a movie posted on Netflix’s site.

General scenes in which JavaScript is executed

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Because JavaScript can manipulate all the objects that make up a Web page, you can do magical things. However, since there are too many familiar scenes in which JavaScript is executed, many people do not even notice that JavaScript is hidden and used.

As a general scene where JavaScript is executed, for example, there are the following. :

  • Check if the user entered the email address in the appropriate format on the form.
  • When loading the page of, let the text cursor automatically appear in the search box.
  • It is useful for loading only a part, without reloading the entire web page, for example when you want to load only the part of the next series’s listing display on a movie website.

At the simplest level, the JavaScript code is downloaded when the browser accesses the web page. When the loading of the page is completed, and it is displayed on the screen, the JavaScript code is executed and instructs the browser if there is any action to be performed next.

If the action such as displaying the text cursor in the search box is not executed immediately, the JavaScript code will be in the idling state, waiting for the occurrence of a particular “event.” When an “event” occurs, the JavaScript code is invoked, and the action is executed.

As an example, when entering in the password field in the form for registration, JavaScript waits for the moment the user starts entering letters in the password field. If the user tries to enter characters that the website does not allow as a valid character that can be used as a password, the JavaScript code immediately notices this problem, displays a small warning message in the password field in a pop-up window, and Notifies the user.

The strength of JavaScript

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Although the user of the prospect may think or notice, the authentication process when a valid character is entered in the password column can also be handled by the server ( a computer which becomes the remote host of the website).

Here is the basic strength of JavaScript.

In other words, JavaScript can process tasks immediately on the user’s device. As in the normal case, there is no time difference required to send and receive information between the website and the server.

Why is JavaScript an indispensable technology?

It is important to understand how JavaScript is indispensable as technology, in addition to being a powerful tool for enterprises operating the site when introducing JavaScript on a website.

These two will be important not only now but also in the future.

It is the most important skill for people interested in web technology and development to have a solid understanding of how to begin JavaScript and its coding and usage.

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[infobox title=’Node.Js‘]

In recent years, a number of technologies applying JavaScript technology is emerging.

Node.js is the most popular of these technologies and is a server-side JavaScript library built using Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. Because Node.js is a powerful technology, in the last few years many well-known companies such as Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and others are turning their older technology into Node.js.

The interesting thing about Node.js is that it allows you to execute different JavaScript than before.

With Node.js, JavaScript works as a central language for handling all tasks on the server side rather than handling interactions on the user’s computer.


How to learn JavaScript

There are many sites and resources for those who want to deepen their learning with an interest in the popularity and power of JavaScript.

You will be able to start learning from a bit of JavaScript. Below are a few sites where you can learn JavaScript right now.

  • Interactive Tutorial – A simple, easy-to-understand course is provided that allows you to start writing JavaScript code now.
  • – This educational application provides a lot of language learning to users, but JavaScript is one of them. You can learn JavaScript code by making small programs in the game. You can see the result of your code in the scene of defeating a monster or navigating the hero in a dangerous cave.
  • Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript Guide – If you want to spread out the information you want to use, or want information on topics you need exactly if you use this MDN’s JavaScript guide, do not mistake first Let’s see.

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