Huawei has officially confirmed the development of its own mobile operating system, which will eventually replace Android. This was told by the vice president of Huawei mobile products Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee) in the social network Weibo. 

In 2018, Huawei faced a huge wave of criticism. The governments of the USA, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries refused to use the equipment of the Chinese manufacturer for fear of espionage.Despite the fact that the company denies the charges, in the light of recent events, it is afraid of losing relationships, including with partners like Google. Therefore, for Huawei it would be advisable to have an independent alternative not only in hardware (Kirin processors), but also in software.

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The representative of Huawei did not disclose any details about the operating system, except that it is under active development. According to earlier rumors, the project is called Kirin OS and is a backup plan in case Google completely subordinates Android to itself and stops supporting the openness of the platform.At the same time, the company continues to cooperate with the search giant and also tests Fuchsia OS on Honor smartphones. 

Recall for the first time that Huawei is developing a proprietary replacement for Android, it became known in 2015. In mid-2016, Huawei CEO Richard Yu commented on the information, without denying the existence of Kirin OS.