How to use SEO friendly URLs in WordPress consists of words that truly explain the information of the web page, and they are easy to understand by all people and search engines like Google.

Find How URL’s are important in SEO

  • Some great examples of SEO friendly URLs:

Observe these particular URLs are clear, and a visitor can assume what they will find on the web page simply by browsing at the URL wording.

  • So how would an NON-SEO friendly URLs be?

Observe why these URLs use digits not related to the information, and a visitor is unable to guess what they’re going to find on the web page by seeing at the URL.

Making use of SEO friendly permalink format boosts your possibilities of achieving more efficient ranks in search results.

How To Use SEO Friendly URLs in WordPress

So, This is the way you could confirm and upgrade your WordPress Website permalink format.

How To Use SEO Friendly URLs in WordPress

Settings >> Permalink >> Post name >> Save Changes.

[su_note note_color=”#fcbdc2″]Notice If your website was operating for greater than six months, then kindly do not modify your permalink format unless if you are using the digits option. If you are using Month and Name or Day and Name, continue making use of that.[/su_note]

By modifying your permalink format on a well-known website, you’ll miss all of your social networks share volume and have the risk of dropping your established SEO traffic ranking.

If you decide to modify your permalink format, well hire skilled an expert, so that they can arrange ideal redirects. You will, however, miss your social share number on the posts.

How To Use SEO Friendly URLs in WordPress is a good post for beginners of WordPress websites and not for and established WordPress websites.

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