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How To Root Moto G5s Plus Oreo 8.1 Complete Guide

In this android guide ” How to Root Moto G5s Plus which is running on Android Oreo 8.1 “, we present you a totally easy and quick guide without any error. Each and every required file is linked with-in the guide to make rooting easy as possible.

Minimum Recommendations to Root Moto G5s Plus

  • Window 7, 8 or 10 PC
  • USB Cable
  • Minimum 70% charge in the device
  • Backup your personal data
  • ADB and Normal USB Drivers of Moto G5s Plus

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How to Unlock Bootloader of Moto G5s Plus

  1. Make sure to back up your data, since the process resets the smartphone to its factory state and voids your warranty.
  2. Download the  ADB and fastboot tools.
  3. Install the latest Motorola drivers.
  4. On your Moto G5S Plus, go to  Settings> Developer options>  and select  Allow OEM unlocking.
  5. Place your device in fastboot mode  (Turn off  your device then press the power button and volume – at same time).
  6. Open the command console in the folder of the ADB tools, in this case, C: // Program Files / Minimal ADB, locate that folder and inside it press the Shift key and at the same time right click and select  Open command window here. (We recommend using CMD instead of Powershell.)
  7. Connect your Moto G5S Plus to the PC.
  8. In the console type, the following command: fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  9. Once you get a text string through the console, copy it into the notebook, for example.
  10. Now enter the  Motorola site and log in with your Google account or Motorola ID and once inside look for the option “Can my device unlocked” and paste the characters obtained in the console in the blank. Then we will request the unlocking key with the option “REQUEST UNLOCK KEY” and it will be sent to our mail.
  11. Once the unlock key has been obtained, we go back to the console and write the command: fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY,  where UNIQUE_KEY is the key we previously received in our mail.

Congratulations, now you have unlocked the bootloader of your Moto G5S Plus and now just wait to start your device.

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How to Root Moto G5s Plus Using TWRP & Magisk

  1. Download the latest version of  TWRP from Squid2.
  2. Download the latest  Magisk and  Magisk Manager versions.
  3. We copy the Magisk zip and the Magisk Manager apk to our device, and we will install Magisk Manager without starting it.
  4. We will enter the folder of the ADB tools that we use in the process of unlocking the bootloader and inside it, we will copy the img file of the recovery TWRP and rename it to twrp.
  5. Once we have changed the name, we execute the console with the Shift key and right click so that the option to open command window here.
  6. Then turn off your device and connect it in fastboot mode, and to check the connection with the PC we write  fastboot devices in the console if everything is fine the device ID should appear in the console.
  7. If device ID doesn’t appear. Check your ADB Drivers.
  8. Then we will write the command  fastboot flash recovery twrp.img  to flash the recovery TWRP on our Moto G5S Plus.
  9. Then we restart our device to enter the fastboot mode again and start the recovery option to enter the TWRP.
  10. Inside the TWRP recovery, we will enter the Install option and we will look for the zip of Magisk v14 and flash it.

Done, with this you have Rooted and installed both the TWRP recovery and Magisk, which you can manage from your Magisk Manager application.

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