How to Remove a Date from a Photo in Windows or Mac

Automatic display of the date on the taken photos is a function that is available on all modern cameras. Many use it, many do not. This is not always convenient: given that the photos are of excellent quality, the bright orange inscription frankly spoils them. And in order to print or put a picture on the desktop, you have to sacrifice the edges.

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There is another option – to erase the date using the Movavi Photo Editor, which can be found here: LINK. How to remove the date from the photo we will tell you how to do it.

After uploading the photo to the editor, open the “Delete Objects” tab. Here you will see 4 tools: Brush, Magic Wand, Lasso (including polygonal) and Stamp.

The magic wand allocates areas of the same colour, and to highlight the orange inscription will do the most. To do this, you will need to click on the tool for each digit, and it will be highlighted in red. After that, it remains only to click “Erase” – and the inscription as it was not.

Since the background of the photo is relatively uniform – the white drifts – then the use of the Stamp will be successful. Holding Alt and clicking on the “clean” area, you will copy it. Paint the date, as you would make it a normal brush.

By the way, if you use the Brush tool, then you need to select the numbers with high accuracy, otherwise, the result will not please you. Therefore, it is better to use one of the two described options.

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There are many other functions in Movavi Photo Editor that you might need:

  • improvement of color scale
  • adding effects
  • portrait retouching and makeup
  • adding text
  • elimination of noise
  • change of size
  • Inserting pictures

After you erased the date from the photo, and also performed all the other transformations that you wanted, you must save the result. A variety of formats are offered, from popular formats – JPEG, PNG and BMP. Please note that when saving in JPEG format, it is possible to set the quality of the output file, and accordingly affect its size.

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