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How to Know Who Is Spying Your Whatsapp & How to Avoid It

How to Know Who Is Spying Your Whatsapp & How to Avoid It
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How to Know Who Is Spying Your Whatsapp & How to Avoid It

Some time ago we told you that, although it is true that all the apps that are advertised offering the possibility of spying on WhatsApp of other people are a scam, yes that there is the possibility of doing it, specifically through the web version.

The process to spy WhatsApp in this way is relatively simple, since it is enough to take the person’s mobile, scan the QR code and access all their conversations. That’s why from Andro4All they offer the way to find out if someone is doing it and how to avoid it.

It is also not an effective solution to have a screen lock, such as the fingerprint, the facial release or the iris since they are also vulnerable and can be avoided. However, there is a way to find out if they are spying on you and stop you.

WhatsApp has a record of all the sessions started, with information on when it occurred, on what operating system and where. To see it, you have to access the settings and go to WhatsApp Web, where the list of these sessions will appear. If there is an active one, Whatsapp will show you the message “Currently active”. Otherwise, what you will see will be “Last active …” with information about the date, place and SO.

Pressing the bottom button on WhatsApp Web you can close all sessions at once and eliminate access to third parties if any, although the ideal is to always close the session before turning off the computer and uncheck the boxes ‘keep the session started’, something that not many do.

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1 Comment

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    June 13, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    thanks for good information.

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