Hi, there welcome to Geek Axe in this guide we will go through how to implement Google AMP on your WordPress site properly without changing any of your content all over the website and even we will insert Google AdSense along with analytics tracking code to your Google AMP pages.

In this essential breakthrough tutorial or guide where many sites and blog owners are here to improve their mobile user experience and gain better results in a search engine and being on the first page of Google’s search results.

Now in this guide, we will cover how to get Google AMP feature and how to customize your AMP Web-page.

So first of all what is AMP? (Accelerated Mobile Page)

It is an open source initiative which is sponsored by technology companies like Google and Twitter, and the primary goal of this project is to make websites load faster for mobile users by using minimized HTML and JavaScript which allows the page to load much faster on mobile devices where the mobile user can experience accelerated page load.


Step #1 Log-in to your WordPress admin panel and go to “Plugins” then “Add New Plugin.”

Admin Panel >> Plugins >> Add New

How to Implement Google AMP on your WordPress site

Step #2 Now search for AMP plugin [Link] which is published by WordPress team (Automatic) and then AMP for WP [Link] plugin which is being issued by (Ahmed Kaludi & Mohammed Kaludi) after installing the plugins activate the both plugins.

Install only the mentioned plugins as shown in image below

How to Implement Google AMP on your WordPress site

Step #3 Now open any of your previous blog post at the end of blog post URL add “/amp/” now you can see the accelerated mobile page which is successfully running on your WordPress website.

How to Implement Google AMP on your WordPress site

Step #4 Now let’s get back to the admin panel and find for “AMP” then go to “Getting Started.”

Now from this menu, you can customize your AMP web page with your custom logo, Navigation bar color, Google Analytics tracking code and Google AdSense Ad Units.

If you need any troubleshooting with the above steps in our guide ” HOW TO IMPLEMENT GOOGLE AMP ON YOUR WORDPRESS SITE “, please let us know in the comments section below this post.

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