Updating components in the Windows 10 operating system is not always useful for both the user and the system as a whole. This is due to the fact that the user does not know where the changes will be made, and to refuse to download and install updates is impossible, if you do not have administrator rights. It should be noted that third-party software in addition to the function of disabling the update can affect other processes in the operating system. Also, the reasons for which the user can refuse to automatically update the operating system is the requirement to restart and consume traffic when wirelessly connected. In this step-by-step instruction with photos, we show you two ways how to disable the update in the Windows 10 operating system.

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How to disable windows updates.

Step 1

In this method, you can disable updates in the Windows 10 operating system through the Services snap-in. Open the “Run” window by simultaneously pressing the keys “Win” + “R” on the keyboard.

Step 2
Then enter “services.msc” in the “Open” line and click “Ok”.

Step 3

Use the scroll bar to go down the page and double-click the “Windows Update” line.

Step 4
In the line “Download Type” click on the “corner” and select the line “Disabled” in the opened list. Then, in turn, click the “Disconnect” and “Ok” buttons. After the computer restarts, the Windows 10 update will be disabled.

Second Method

Step 5

In the second method, to turn off the update in Windows 10, we use the group policy editor, which we will open using the “Run” window. To do this, simultaneously press on the keyboard “Win” and “R”.

Step 6

In the “Open” line enter “gpedit.msc” and click “Ok.

Step 7

At this point, open the “Computer Configuration”, “Administrative Templates” and “Windows Components” folders one at a time.

Step 8

Now open the Windows Update folder and double-click the “Automatic Updates Setup” line.

Step 9

Mark the line “Disabled” and click the “Apply” button.

Step 10

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