How to Disable New Whatsapp Status Feature

WhatsApp has lots of latest functions, and many updates that proceed. The most recent updates have introduced new features like video calling, two-step security verification plus in the last update it has unveiled entirely a new “Status” function, which resembles Snapchat and Instagram stories. But most of them unlike this new feature by Whatsapp. Now in this guide, we will see How to Disable New Whatsapp Status feature and get back old look and functions of WhatsApp, and even this works fine on Non-Rooted devices.

Even Works Very Fine on Non-Rooted Phones

How to Disable New Whatsapp Status Feature for Non-Rooted Mobiles

For non-rooted Android smartphones, install older APK version of WhatsApp to get the old text and emoji status function back. One should install APK version 2.17.60 to get the old status function back.  Anyone can get this APK version from APKMirror to install. Find the link below.

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

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Proceed through the setup of WhatsApp, and you can see the old WhatsApp home screen without Status tab in the user interface (UI).

How to Disable New Whatsapp Status Feature for Rooted Mobiles

This method to get back old WhatsApp status needs a rooted Android smartphone.  The WhatsApp version that worked was WhatsApp version 2.17.77. First, try it out on your WhatsApp version and if it does not work, then uninstall your version of WhatsApp and install the version that is specified above.


A File Manager is needed, and ES File Explorer which is free can be utilized for this purpose.  As you have File Manager ready, these are the steps to get back the old WhatsApp status:

Step #1. First, go to Settings–>Apps–>WhatsApp and press “Force Stop.”

Step #2. Then, open “ES File Explorer” and enable “Root Explorer” in options. If it asks for permissions for Root Explorer, choose “RW.”

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

Step #3. Thirdly, open “Device Files.” In ES File Explorer, press “Local” and press “Device.”  When Device folder opens, go to Data–>shared_prefs folder.

Step #4. In “Shared_Prefs” folder, press “com.whatsapp_preferences.xml” file. You can use “ES Note Editor” which comes with ES File Manager. After the file opens, press three-dot menu and press “Edit” button.

Step #5. In “com.whatsapp_preferences.xml“, search for the text “status mode” value=”1″.  After finding it, change “1” to “0”. Save the file after these changes.

Step #6. Ultimately, open WhatsApp and you can see there is no Status tab. All other tabs like Calls, Chats and Contact will be there. You can see the old Status button in the menu and press on it to change your status just like you did in your old WhatsApp versions.

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