How to and why to increase your domain authority Most of the website owners and bloggers have one main goal to get higher rankings in major search engines like Google Yahoo Bing etc

But they are millions of websites out there with the same topic contains or others things. So Domain authority helps the search engines to find out the quality content.

So what is domain authority Domain authority is a score between 0to100 which is actually started and developed by MOZ which calculates how well website contains and rankings in the search engines and other places?

Now Let’s See Five Points to Increase DA

The website with most Domain authority score will be obviously be paged or be first in Google search and other search engines pages.

What are we going to learn in this guide ” How to and why to increase your domain authorityΒ “, tips to increase the domain authority and ranking of your website in a natural way how the internet world likes.

Now we will learn how to and Why to increase your domain authority score of your website with 5 simple points.

First point

Published the quality content in your website.And the main point of the quality content is your own written content. Let be your content or article contains more than 800 words within the topic without any other topics involved in that words. And maintain good grammar in your article.

Second point

Delivery your website with a better on page SEO like keywords meta information H1 tag H2 tag H3 tag and your paragraphs tag. Which matches your website content. And use low size images which can be loaded faster on any type of Internet connection.

Third point

Manage to maintain internal links within your website with your old post linking to a new post this helps to reduce your Bounce rate which your users will stay on your website. For example, we can take the giant information website Wikipedia. Which uses the internal linking system well so you don’t have to go to another website to find other related information on your topic.

Fourth point

Share your website links on your official social media pages like Facebook Twitter an extra which Helps index your links faster onto Google.

Fifth point

Increase your published rate with a good content and have some patience till your Domain grow old.

So this where the five points to increase your domain authority and rankings of your website

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