How To Add Text To GIF file

In some cases only GIF is not sufficient; you would wish to add some text to GIF file and send them to your friends. So how to add text to GIF file?

Now by using Photoshop we can add text to our GIF file.

So let’s see:

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]

How To Add Text To GIF File

While you open a GIF file in Photoshop, you will find that each frame displays up in “Layers.” mainly, modifying the arrangement of the layers doesn’t change the method that frames play in. What is heading out,?

To discover that, you have to enable the Timeline window in your photoshop. That you can find under the Window >> Timeline.

Now that should enable a new window at the bottom of your workspace, where we can find the frames of the GIF File, and also Play and pause controls to our GIF File.

[sc name=”1DS”]
[sc name=”1MB”]
Now add the Text to your GIF file by using Text tool in Photoshop.

You can Control Text presence by layers as shown in the video.

After finishing Adding Text to GIF file Save it as GIF format by going to FILE>>SAVE FOR WEB then select GIF format.

Even you can control Loop options of the GIF File under [LOOPING OPTIONS]. With Two possibilities as described below:
Once: Only playable one time.
Forever: Loops all the frames forever.

That was the tutorial for how to add text to GIF file.Even Share this tutorial with your friends to tell them how to add text to GIF file.

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