How to add QuickLook to Windows

Those who worked closely for Mac and began to use Windows, very much lacks such an excellent function as “QuickLook”, it’s “Quick Preview” by pressing the spacebar!

At first, Windows users are frantic that macOS does not have a “normal” view of the photos after opening them, trying to flip them with the left or right navigation buttons. But after learning that it is much easier to view the material by pressing the space button, and after a little “acclimatization”, they get used to “Quick View” a lot.

The function “QuickLook”, it’s “Quick View” in the Finder, allows you to quickly view not only photos in Mac, but also video or audio files.
Peresev back to Windows, many users of the Mac axis are furiously angry, because there is no “quick browsing”! Can I add it to Windows? My answer is yes! The truth is only on Windows 10 .
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How to add QuickLook to Windows Explorer? Very simple!

To do this, you need to go to the Windows Store application store and install the application “QuickLook”

Now, to view photos, videos, listen to audio, view archives in Windows, press the space bar on the keyboard and after that the “quick scan” will open as in Mac.
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