Very often you have to change image formats. As a rule, in such cases, a personal computer is resorted to, but why connect a huge machine to the action when there is a miniature Android gadget at hand. With the help of the application ” Image Converter, ” you can change the format of an image, setting the desired output format.

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First of all, the application will ask the user to select the desired image from the device’s memory or to take a picture of something, after which a window will open to resize as a percentage of the original. The following action will allow you to select the output folder. The window further allows you to automatically add converted file formats to the photo gallery. The following form will offer to delete the source files as soon as they are converted. And finally, using the last window, you can select the output format: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif, pdf, tiff, tga, CMYK, dib, hdr, mtv, palm and so on. There are really many formats.

It is interesting how the developers implemented in-app purchases. First, there is a banner below with an advertisement. Secondly, to skip all unnecessary steps and go directly to the last step of selecting the output format, you need to hold down the “Next” button, but only premium users have this option. The cost of premium status will cost some amount.

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