How to Get Grammarly Premium Account for Free

In this article, we will show how to get free Grammarly Account with very few simple steps which are working seamlessly on the chrome browser.

How is this working and why it is free?

This method is working on cookies which store temporary information in your browser.

It is free because we are sharing the captured cookies of Premium Grammarly Accounts and sharing with you guys.

Disadvantages of this Method

The premium account only stays for 1 to 2 days in your browser, But don’t worry we got your back we will update cookies every 24 hrs so make sure you have bookmarked this site for daily cookies updates.

How to use Cookies and Get Free Premium Grammarly Account

1. Open your Chrome Browser and Install this extension “EditThisCookie” which is free in Chrome Web Store.

2. Now uninstall previous installed Grammarly Extension and go to

3. Now install a fresh copy of Grammarly Extension and don’t log in with your ID.

4. Now at the top right corner, you can find “EditThisCookie” now click on that and clear cookies.

5. Now copy downloaded cookies one by one and paste it in the (import option) cookie extension.

6. Now refresh the page now you must be login to premium Grammarly.

Troubleshooting: If that doesn’t work try other cookies which are in the downloaded folder.

If you are still stuck in any step or can’t understand please feel free to contact us on Geekaxe Facebook for faster response or comment below with your questions.

Download Premium Grammarly Cookies Files Here


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