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How to Connect Your Smartphone to Pc Using Dell Mobile Connect

In this guide, we will show How To Connect Your Smartphone To Pc Using Dell Mobile Connect, where it helps you to save and sync your important data automatically to your PC.

Competition between manufacturers is not only on who has the most powerful smartphone. But also it has led to mobile applications. Which it is a market segment most likely to develop something that is appealing to users and can be cheaper, in general terms.

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How to Connect Your Smartphone to Pc Using Dell Mobile Connect

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How to Install Dell Mobile Connect

Solutions of large manufacturers to join a computer and a mobile device keeps coming. Dell Mobile Connect is a new application that has been launched to give users an option to get everything connected. At the same time also have control over two devices from a computer. Something that could be interesting, but it does not end up liking users.

The interesting thing is that Dell has taken this new software at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Dell Mobile Connect is compatible with devices with the operating system Android and iOS.

Needed Programs

  • Dell Mobile Connect [LINK]
  • Necessary Smartphone Drivers [LINK]
  • Dell Mobile Connect Android App [LINK]

How to configure Dell Mobile Connect

The process is simple, no need to complicate. At first, you must install all programs and update the divers. For that, you have to download it from the links above.

Once you have prepared the first, you have to connect the mobile to the computer using the Bluetooth connection. Once achieved, a notification warning that the device is ready for use is shown.

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Supported devices:

In this case, Dell says its new Mobile Connect will work with devices having Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. I’ve tried this software on a mobile Xperia Ultra C5 and Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 and has worked smoothly. That work is not a guarantee, despite what Dell says.

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Dell Mobile Connect features
  1. Computer calls using hands – free: a pretty cool feature, because who use this application, you can use the microphone to speak, dialing a number from your computer and even looking for a contact.
  2. Contact management: edit, open and even call contacts from Dell Mobile.
  3. Manages SMS: SMS reads, writes messages, add emoticons and a little more.
  4. Notifications: one of the functions that are not lacking notifications, can choose apps that want to receive notifications.

Generally speaking, it is a good option to have the most important mobile on your computer. It is a free program and you can try to find out if your device supports.

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