Google Safe Browsing Now Works in Applications

Google has expanded the scope of Safe Browsing security technology beyond the scope of surfing in the browser Chrome. From now on, users are protected from malicious programs and phishing on devices running Android, even if they do not access the sites.

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Starting in April, Google Play Protect, which provides device security on Android, by default launches Safe Browsing in WebView, an operating system component that allows you to display web content in applications. This is such a mini-browser inside the mobile application.

Developers of programs on Android that use WebView do not need to make any changes to activate this protection. Safe browsing in WebView is available, starting with Android 8.0 (API level 26), using the same basic technology as for mobile Chrome. Now when you open the link, if a potential threat is detected, a warning on the red background will appear on the smartphone’s screen. Developers have the ability to configure Safe Browsing behavior based on specified scenarios. However, this works only for applications created for the level of API 27 and higher.

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Google Safe Browsing technology was provided in 2007 to protect more than 3 billion devices. It allows browsers to block access to web addresses that contain malicious content. Currently, secure browsing is available for many Google services on both desktop and mobile systems.

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