Google is Negotiating to Purchase Mobile Units From HTC

It’s not a secret for anyone that HTC’s business does not go very well. The company’s failure period has been going on for several years, and with constant losses, t was only a matter of time before the company decides to sell its business.

According to reports that came from two sources, Google and HTC are “in the final stage of negotiations” on the sale of a mobile unit of the Taiwanese company.

According to sources, Google is considering two separate options: either to become a strategic partner of HTC or to acquire a mobile business manufacturer. Nevertheless, it is noted that HTC’s VR-department will work separately from the search giant.

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Recent reports showed that HTC’s revenues decreased by 51.5% compared to the previous month and by 54.3% compared to August of last year, and the situation is unlikely to improve.

At the same time, Google needs production facilities to produce its own smartphones, because, as we know, with the advent of Pixel, the search giant is fully designing the design of its devices.

With the advent of this news, HTC shares fell another 8%, which makes the acquisition of the mobile division of the company even simpler, we will hope that whatever decision is taken by Google and HTC, it will benefit both companies.

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