Gmail to Change with a Complete Redesign in June

The information of the new Gmail ran quickly after the filtering of some emails sent to users of G Suite. The company had to confirm the information and assured that the new mail will have quick access, it can be used even when it is offline and it will have a tab to save the mails that you do not want to have in the inbox. Know more in this note.

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Through an e-mail to its G Suite users, Google announced that Gmail will soon have a new version. The mail, which was intended to be secret at least for now, was leaked and in a matter of minutes, the news went around the world. After the leak, Google confirmed to the TNW portal that a Gmail redesign is underway.

According to the company, the redesign will bring many improvements: “Quick access to G Suite apps, such as Google Calendar. The ability to hide e-mails and choose when to bring them back to the received box. The possibility of using Gmail while still offline and a much cleaner and faster access from the web”.

This redesign is something that Google has been working on since last year. “We are still testing the new Gmail. We need time for him to be able to present himself. You do not know when it will be but we will let you know when the time is right to press ‘send’, ” said a Google spokesman about the expected new Gmail.

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While G Suite users will be the first to try the redesign, it is expected that by June it will be fully operational. We will have to wait to see what news the company brings in the most used mailbox in the world.

Google already announced that Chrome apps are now available to be used offline, which allows you to read a Chromebook or make sketches even offline without losing anything.

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