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How To Get Unlimited Storage on Google Photos like Pixel Phone

One of the main advantages of smartphones Pixel and Pixel 2 is the access to the unlimited storage in Google Photos. This is an exclusive function of these devices, not available to other smartphones. One of the users of the XDA portal managed to remove this restriction on other models of devices.

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How To Get Unlimited Storage on Google Photos like Pixel Phone

The only condition for obtaining a no-limit to Google Photos is the presence of superuser rights.

  1. Download the special file nexus.xml.
  2. In the file manager, which provides root support, you need to move the downloaded file nexus.xml to the /system/etc/sysconfig directory.
  3. For the newly migrated file, you must set permissions 644 (RW-RR-) and then restart the smartphone.
  4. After turning-On, the smartphone, open the Google Photos app and delete the program data.

From now on, Google’s photo service will assume that your smartphone is the necessary model of Google Pixel. Of the additional benefits of this instruction – to access the branded wallpaper in Google Wallpapers.

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Try this if Above method won’t work

If this method does not work, after executing all 4 items of the instruction, Install the BuildProp Editor application and change the following lines:

[appbox googleplay]

o.product.model = Pixel 2 XL 
ro.product.brand = Google 
ro.product.manufacturer = Google 
ro.opa.eligible_device = true

After the reboot, unlimited access to the storage in Google Photos will be opened.

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