How to get back to IOS stable version from the public beta ,now what happens if you switch from beta to normal public version of iOS?

Now Switch Back to Public Version

BETA: A pre-release of your software with little bugs and some compatible issues.which to solved by a developer by users statics and another more information.

PUBLIC: the stable version of your software which is totally compatible with your device with every Features and with NO error.

When you switch back to normal version means the public version of iOS will give you the normal functions of the device which are common with everyone.

How to Get Back to IOS Stable Version from Public beta?

Step #1 Now take your iOS device go to settings find for general

Step #2 Then scroll down to the bottom find for profile

Step #3 In profile option, you will find out iOS beta software profile click on that & delete your beta profile

Step #4 Now restart your device. Then after updating your device as normal iOS user that’s it now you are on a public release of iOS.

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