Germany’s top design agency Frog exposes the Meizu PRO 7 design

Meizu PRO 7 will be released on the 26th of this month, a new generation of the flagship (PRO 7), the biggest feature is the innovation before and after the dual-screen design, the back auxiliary screen can perform a lot of operations, the play is extremely rich.

Interestingly, the famous German design agency Frog Design (Frog Design) today released an official tweet, said it is looking forward to Meizu July 26 conference while releasing a section of the PRO 7 design preview video, and finally at the same time Marked with their own and Meizu LOGO.

Obviously, the frog was designed to participate in the design work of PRO 7!

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Frog design company was founded in 1969, is the international design industry’s most prestigious European design company, style avant-garde or even futuristic, is known as a Silicon Valley European taste of the company.

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The company operates in all parts of the world (in Shanghai), and AEG, Apple, Kodak, Sony, Olympus, AT & T and other giants have in-depth cooperation, design range is also very wide, covering furniture, Household appliances, exhibitions, advertising, etc., in recent years in the computer, electronic products, especially made a great success.

[sc name=”1DS”]
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In 1982, the company founder Islinger for Weijia (Wega) company designed a bright green TV, named as the frog, the fire was successful, so Aslinger will “frog” as their own design company logo and name. In addition, the word Frog is precisely the abbreviation for the Federal Republic of Germany.

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