How to Freeze Background Application in Android

Starting with the Android version 7.0 Nougat, it was possible to freeze background applications without having Root rights! This option will be much more effective Greenify in terms of energy savings – How to Freeze Background Application in Android using ADB.

If you what to perform this in the earlier android version you shall need root permissions, that time you will remove that application to increase the speed of your phone if all your phone is rooted you will use App “Greenify”! In the version  7.0 Nougat, the operating system supports the ability to freeze the background applications to run even without Root rights. This will allow you to:

  • Save battery power
  • Maintain high-performance

Now let us try to get that feature in our older versions of Android – The only thing left is that you need a computer and adb. About how to set up everything read further!

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Disclaimer: Only proceed when you have complete knowledge of Android shell and ADB commands – Geek Axe is not responsible for any Data or Phone damage.

Required Tools for Freeze Background Application

  1. A computer
  2. Installed Android drivers [🔗LINK]
  3. Download and install the ADB RUN or ADB utility
  4. Included ” debugging over USB ” on Android
  5. (Optional) App App Inspector

How to Freeze Background Application in Android

After the drivers have been installed and ADB debugging is enabled, we can get started:

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  1. Run ADB Run or ADB and enter the command: adb shell
  2. If you have not installed the App Inspector, then type the following commands pm list packages, and if the application has been installed, start it
  3. You need to get the full name of the installed application (package)
  4. How to Freeze Background Application in Android
    Way to find Application Package name or ID
  5. How to Freeze Background Application in Android
  6. After the full name of the installed application is known, we proceed to freeze its background activity in Android, for this we write the command in adb -, where instead we  specify the name of the applicationcmd appops set <package_name> RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore<package_name>
  7. In order to restore the application in the background, as it was before, use the following command – сmd appops set <package_name> RUN_IN_BACKGROUND allow
  8. Restart Android for all changes to take effect.
  9. If you want to check which mode the application is running in, enter the command cmd appops get <package_name> RUN_IN_BACKGROUND

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It should be noted that these commands should be used deliberately, because the disabled application will no longer be synchronized in the background, and accordingly you will receive notifications only when you start them.

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